Judy Morgan

Judy Morgan

Judy “grew up” on the Eastern Shore spending every summer with her family of seven enjoying the adventures and fun of the Chesapeake Bay. On many occasions her family would venture out and “cruise” to Tilghman Island, St. Michaels, Tolchester, or Rock Hall. After college and 10 years working for the Airlines, Judy returned to the Eastern Shore working in Real Estate Development, Construction, and Sales.

Judy always had fond memories of her time in St. Michaels and is now delighted to be able to introduce new families to the adventures and fun she experienced as a child and now as an adult. Judy’s goals include not only connecting people with the right property but also promoting Safe Harbor Construction’s Aging in Place program. Aging in Place recognizes that buyers moving to the Bay Hundred have worked hard to do so and want to stay – but as we get older, our home may present physical challenges. Aging in Place adapts the home to minimize the challenges and allow you to stay home safely and functioning.

Judy would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you to Bay Hundred Happiness!

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