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St. Michaels, MD

St. Michaels is a quaint and waterfront town including many marinas and numerous restaurants and shops. It is a popular travel destination by boat and by car. St. Michaels is also known as “The Town that Fooled the British” During the early morning hours of August 10th, 1813, British barges off the coast of St. Michaels planned an attack on the town and a harbor fort. The people of St. Michaels got word of the impending attack and hoisted lanterns high up onto the masts of their sailboats and into the tops of trees. The high lights caused the attacking British to overshoot the town. Visit Chesapeake Bay Maritime to learn all about what this area was and has become. St. Michaels offers fine dining, hunting, fishing, golfing, boating, and one-of-a kind shopping throughout the year!

Easton, MD

Easton is known as “The 8th best small-town America” and once you arrive you will understand why. Easton offers a wide variety of activities to do. From outdoor adventures, walking the tree-lined streets, or enjoying a fantastic three-course meal, Easton has it all. Easton is known for its unique annual festivals including, Waterfowl Festival and Chesapeake Film Festival. Visiting this small town won’t be a disappointing experience, it offers many cozy accommodations to suit any of your needs.

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Tilghman, MD

As you cross the draw bridge and enter Tilghman Island be prepared to take a step back in time. The island has a long history of being a working waterman’s community and continues to prosper as one today. Be prepared to meet the most welcoming community that you ever experienced, from a fifth-generation waterman to award-winning artists.

Oxford, MD

Oxford is known as a quaint town whose history and daily activities are still tied with the surrounding water. Oxford is home to the unique Oxford-Bellevue Ferry, which connects visitors by crossing the Tred Avon River. Oxford still holds its historic charm even though many visitors visit and vacation there. If you want to experience a laid-back lifestyle while taking in the breathtaking landscape then plan your visit to Oxford, Maryland.

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